Essential Nutrients

Kqxrn 72 Hours AfterApply just one or two nutrients in your fertilizer program, and you'll be missing out on the "Power of Synergism" that occurs in Kugler KQ fertilizers. Each Nutrient not only does its own job, but helps other nutrients to do theirs as well. Here's a look at the role of nutrients in Kugler KQ fertilizers.

Nitrogen: The Superstar

Nitrogen is the basic building block of the plant. It controls the uptake of all other nutrients and is essential for carbohydrate production. Different hybrids use nitrogen in different amounts at different stages of growth. This fact, combined with the concern of increased nitrate levels in groundwater, makes a strong argument for split applications of smaller amounts of fertilizer—a program that perfectly fits Kugler KQ fertilizers.

Phosphorus: The Energizer

Phosphorus in Kugler KQ fertilizers is in the form of high quality polyphosphate. Phosphorus is used to form sugars and starches in the plant. It is critical to rapid seedling, root and shoot growth and is necessary for energy storage and transfer. Phosphorus helps build disease resistance and overcome the effects of soil compaction.

Potassium: The Regulator

Potassium (potash) helps keep water and food moving through the plant. It is involved in more than 60 enzyme systems, regulates the opening and closing of plant pores and is required in every major step in building protein. Potassium interacts with almost all other essential plant nutrients. It aids in photosynthesis and regulates nitrogen uptake.

Sulfur: The Synthesizer

In Kugler KQ fertilizers, sulfur is in the form of ammonium thiosulfate (ATS). Sulfur helps make more efficient use of nitrogen and increase the availability of other nutrients. Sulfur is essential in developing plant protein, developing enzymes and forming chlorophyll.

Zinc: The Activator

Zinc helps the plant form chlorophyll and enzymes. Zinc also helps the plant absorb water—and water carries all the nutrients throughout the plant. Zinc helps in grain formation, root formation and protein synthesis—and is particularly important during early plant growth.