Raymond Schneider - Covert, KS

7S00 acres (dryland)
Corn: 170 bu/acre Milo: 138 bu/acre

Using KQ·XRN

We apply KQ-XRN at about the three-foot stage on corn and, on milo, at about a foot tall. We use It for the extra shot of nitrogen and a sticking agent for other chemicals like Roundup®.

I don't have any side-by-side comparison, but we did have fields that we didn't use it on, and there was noticeably less yield on them. I was pretty sure we were getting some really good results because the yields were definitely up.

A couple years ago we got around 170 bushels per acre on our corn up on dryland hills. i never dreamed of yields like that before. We had a pretty good part of our milo go to 138 bushel last year, and that's the highest I ever had.

Kugler Starters

We used a six-row 800 International air planter for many years; and then a year ago I traded it for a 12-row White planter with a ground driven pump and tanks mounted so we could place the fertiiizer down below the seed.

We've been putting a couple gallons of LS924 with a quart of MicroMax below the seeds. It's putting the fertilizer right in below the seed so as soon as it sprouts, it starts picking up fertilizer. We've seen a lot of improvement since we started doing that. This year I had probably the best beans I've ever raised, when my neighbors didn't raise much. I'm sure going to do it again.