Gary Belohrad - Leigh, NE

400 acres Corn & Soybeans (Dryland)M

54 bu/acre soybeans 172 bu/acre corn

Great Crops Even With a Rainy Spring

We used Kugler products on corn for the first time this year-and last year was the first time we used in on soybeans. On our corn, we used three gallons of 1515 at planting. We had too much rain in June and you saw a lot of yellow corn in our part ofthe country. And a lot of guys were unhappy with their yields. But our corn stayed green ali year long. I think I had better corn; our average yields was 172. And 54.5 on beans. Great stands-and I was just happy with this fertilizer and I'm going to keep up with it.

Kugler KQ-XRN

I haven't used KQ-XRN yet, but I'm going to this year. It just makes sensethat there are certain times of the year that the corn needs something extra, so we plan on using KQ-XRN this yearfiying it on if we need to. I'm not afraid to spend money on fertilizer because I know it paysthe good stuff pays.

Kugler Quality

I had my corn custom planted and they used to use 10-34-0. My Kugler representative warned that they would have problems, not so much with the planter, but afterwards because of all the salt that leaches out of the planter. And they did have a mess. But they like applying the Kugler products, mainly because they didn't have to wash their planter off so often.