Essential KQ Fertilizers

Kugler KQ342 - The Topdress Champion
Prod2A multi-nutrient designed to help wheat get a running start after a long winter. Specially formulated for use in cold temperatures and cold soils to help plants develop an efficient root system. Helps wheat put energy into growing instead of fighting to find food. Nutrients: N-K-S-Zn

Kugler KQ353 - The Original Pivot Grade
Any place you’ve been using straight nitrogen, KQ 353 packs more fertility punch. These four nutrients are perfectly suited for application at preplant, cultivation and through pivots—throughout the growing season.  Nutrients: N-K-S-Zn

Kugler KQ555™ - “The Original”
The high quality liquid starter that changed the rules forever—making N-P phosphate grades a dinosaur. KQ555 can be used on all crops and in many different application methods. Five quality nutrients in an easy-to-apply liquid grade that simply cannot be duplicated. Nutrients: N-P-K-S-Zn

Kugler KQ652 - High Phosphorus Starter
With Kugler KQ652, you can apply more phosphate without increasing the gallons of fertilizer—with fewer fill-ups and less on-farm storage. High phosporus accelerates root system development, leading to greater moisture uptake and improved stress tolerance. KQ652 includes concentrated levels of N, K, S and Zn for improved plant performance. Nutrients: N-P-K-S-Zn

Kugler KQ663 - High Nitrogen Starter
Get nitrogen and phosphate in a 1:1 ratio—plus other essential nutrients -- with KQ663. Designed to match the demands of today’s hybrids, as well as management methods that result in the need for more nitrogen at planting. Nutrients: N-P-K-S-Zn

Other KQ Products - A Full Line of Quality Liquid Fertilizers
Kugler Company offers a full line of other Quality Liquid Fertilizers, including pre-plant, starters, low-salt and specialty fertilizer grades. For more information on additional products, please Contact Kugler Company.