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Kugler KQ-XRN - Slow Release Nitrogen 

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Kugler KQ-XRN is a proprietary nitrogen (28-0-0) formulation with 72 % slow release nitrogen.  Foliar or in-furrow, Kugler KQ-XRN provides high-quality nitrogen for your plants for a long, long time -- up to 10 weeks in the soil and up to 35 days on the leaves.

KQ-XRN is The Perfect Delivery System™ for crop protection chemicals. You can add herbicides, pesticides or fungicides—and boost the nitrogen for your crop at critical growth stages while you address threats to your crop.

When applied through foliar application, KQ-XRN adheres to and penetrates the leaves—staying on the job to feed your plants when they need nitrogen the most.

Kugler KQ-XRN is a high-performance, stand-alone fertilizer—and it’s a component of several other Kugler KQ fertilizers, including starters.
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Kugler KS156 - Low Salt Starter with XRN Technology

KS156 contains a balanced blend of phosphate and potassium with quick, slow release nitrogen.  It's a perfect choice for helping your crop get up and growing fast or anytime during your crop's development when a supplementary boost of nutrients is needed.

The slow release nitrogen component of Kugler KS156 helps reduce leaching and volatilization of nitrogen.  It keeps this essential nutrient in place--staying on the job for up to six weeks.  This means your crop gets the quick boost of nutrients it needs and sustained nitrogen availability for improved performance.
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Kugler LS924 - High Phosphorus, Low Salt Starter

Kugler LS924 gives you the ability to get your plants off to a fast start with a high phosphorus starter plus the added benefits of nitrogen and potassium. Its special low salt formulation makes LS924 an ideal choice to use in furrow with the seed.

This efficient starter, which is a positive step toward improving yields and profitability, is from Kugler Company, so you can be assured that Kugler LS924 offers trouble-free application, easy handling and outstanding quality and performance.
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Kugler KQ2530X  with XRN Technology

Kugler KQ2530X gives you the ability to integrate soil-applied nitrogen with a supplemental post emergence, foliar application. With foliar applied KQ2530X, your plants get the extra shot of nitrogen they need - plus a sustained supply over a period of several weeks tanks to the 30% slow release formulation.

This versatile, highly efficient foliar nitrogen is from Kugler Company, so you can be assured that KQ2530X offers trouble-free application, easy handling and outstanding quality and performance.
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Kugler KQ2517 - High Potassium plus Sulfur

KQ2517 may be applied either as a foliar feed or injected through an irrigation system. It may be applied as a sole source potash and sulfur or blended with N and P205 sources to provide a desired N:P:K blend with sulfur. KQ2517 gives the turf professional a completely soluble potassium and sulfur product that allows immediate plant utilization through root uptake and foliar feeding. KQ2517 can be applied throughout the growing season to correct potassium deficiencies and aid in increasing drought resistance, winter hardiness and overcoming the stress associated with insect and disease pressures.
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Kugler KS2075 with XRN Technology

KS2075 with 50% Slow Release Nitrogen is a professional liquid fertilizer blend made from the highest quality raw materials to assure a safe, reliable and efficient product. KS2075 provides a balance of quick release nitrogen for initial green up and 50% Slow Release Nitrogen for continuous steady feeding. Since KS2075 is a true clear blend, it is ideal for turf, foliar feed and rood injection of trees and ornamentals. KS2075 mixes readily with liquid fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides.
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Kugler KH2412

KH2412 is a highly concentrated form of organic carbon derived from Leonardite, the highest and most active quality humate source. Not all products on the market under the name Humates are of this high quality. Because of KH2412’s molecular structure, it provides numerous benefits to crop production and can be applied to all crops and turf on any soil type. It is also compatible with most fertilizer and pesticide solutions.
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Kugler KSMicroMax

KS MicroMax is an effective, readily available source of vital micronutrients for soil and foliar application. Micronutrients are essential components in many plant metabolic systems such as photosynthesis, cell wall formation, translocation and enzyme synthesis to name just a few. A lack of any of the micronutrients or secondary nutrients may result in poor plant growth and vigor, which prevents the crop from reaching its full genetic potential. Proper timing, rate, and placement of KS MicroMax is important for desired results and highly dependent on stage of crop growth, soil fertility levels and environmental conditions.
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Kugler KS178c

When considering plant health in your yearly crop plan, KS178c should be at the top of that list.  Formulated with slow release nitrogen (XRN) as its nitrogen source then adding ammonium chloride as its chloride (plant health) source, there is not a better plant health formulation on the market.  Combine great plant health at half the cost of normal plant health products, KS178c with 8x more chloride than the fungicide competitor's makes KS178c the most economical and beneficial plant health product you can buy.  Apply foliar or through a center privot KS178c will work to give you the best plant health money can buy.
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Kugler LS624

Kugler LS624 is formulated to provide an efficient source of N-P-K.  Early in the growing season, cool soil temperatures often limit the ability of plant roots to absorb sufficient nutrients and water.  An application of a small amount of L624 at the time of planting may overcome this problem, leading to better plant growth and higher yields.  Key benefits include being less corrosive, will not settle when mixed, highly soluble and a low salt index. 
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Kugler KS153C

Chloride is essential for photosynthesis and is important in moisture retention within the plant tissue.   KS153C provides suppression from such diseases as leaf rust, stripe rust, tan spot, powdery mildew, spot blotch, take-all, septoria and common root rot.  It is designed to be applied foliar either by aerial or ground equipment and can be applied alone or tank mixed with liquid fertilizers or compatible pesticides.  Fore more detailed information
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Kugler KS1022

Kugler KS1022 is a unique blend of slow-release nitrogen, phosphate and seed safe water-soluble potassium.  It features a low salt index allowing it to be placed directly with the seed so your plant can get off to a quick and healthy start to maximize yield potential.  
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