Dan Nelsen - Moorefield, NE

Wheat, corn and soybeans Corn: +10-30 bu/acre

Kugler Fertility on Wheat

We've been using Kugler 342 C, the chloride program-coltering it on in the fall, half of it, and the other half I top dress with a herbicide in the spring. We put a little XRN on some wheat last year; that was our first year trying it; and we put some fungicide on with it, didn't literally leave a test out there, but it was pretty darn good.

The wheat prices were looking good, and we were applying fungicide. The XRN acts as kind of an adhesive for that fungicide, to stick it to the plant, so we tried it out. We've used XRN on corn and found its benefit, so we just figured it would work on wheat, too.

Kugler Fertility on Soybeans

I just put one gallon of XRN and one pint of MicroMax. I noticed a healthier plant with better drought tolerance. There was a yield increase of five to six bushels, which at $12 is well worth it. I noticed it did stimulate more pod development. It really seemed like after I applied the Kugler fertilizer, I got a healthier plant.

Kugler KQ-XRN: The Perfect Delivery System

On our corn, this is the first year we actually mixed MicroMax in the KQ-XRN. Right prior to canopy I put on my final application of Roundup" -and then put the two gallons of XRN on and a pint of MicroMax. It worked real well. Actually, we did a test strip this year and noticed anywhere from a 10 to 30 bushel difference in yield. You know, your heavier soils we didn't notice as much a difference in, but the lighter soils really, really showed a difference in. We're usually drier than the amount of rain we got this year; and we were able to utilize more water to grow more bushels, and we needed more nitrogen out there for it, and we applied it, and I think we succeeded to get a higher yield because we were able to go in with the mid season boost there with the nitrogen.

I think it's worth it. I'm going to go with XRN again next year, definitely.

Kugler Quality

I've used some competitors' products-and they salt out bad. I've never had trouble with Kugler. I've never had trouble with it really plugging fiiters or anything. It's real good stuff, a real good clean product.