Fertility Basics

Corn Row StartThe benefits of split applications of Kugler KQ fertilizers have been proven season after season. Split applications makes all kinds of sense—because you're providing your plants with the right fertilizer in the right place at the right time. "Spoon Feeding" of this nature is definitely preferable to one-time broadcast applications for a number of reasons.

Nutrient Demands Change.

As your crop grows, its need for nutrients fluctuates. Split application allows you to help your plants at critical points in their growth cycle to assure optimum results—and help your plants reach their genetic potential.

Season-Long Flexibility.

By splitting applications of Kugler KQ fertilizers, you can address specific plant deficiencies all season long. You also have more opportunities to make management decisions—instead of having to live with what you thought was going to happen earlier in the year.

Spreading Out Your Cash.

Put all your fertilizer on at the beginning of the season, and you've just committed dollars that may not offer a return. By splitting your fertilizer application, you spread out your cash over the season. And that can be very important if you have a crop loss due to drought or hail—and need to pull in your horns.

Getting More from Marginal Land.

The right Kugler KQ fertility program can help you turn marginal fields into contenders—and it's a heck of a lot less expensive than leasing more ground. What would an additional 10 to 15 bushels per acre on that marginal ground do for your bottom line?

Conserving Moisture.

On dryland acres, retaining moisture is a top priority. Dumping on large amounts of ammonia significantly reduces moisture levels in soil, while split applications of Kugler KQ fertilizers can help conserve valuable moisture that your dryland crop can use.

Matched to Your Management.

A sound fertility program using split application of Kugler KQ fertilizers allows you to customize your fertilizer program to your unique management methods, tillage choice, hybrids/varieties and irrigation.

Better for the Environment.

Split applications of Kugler KQ fertilizer help you deliver the nutrients your crop needs all season long—without overloading the soil with nutrients that leach into ground water or tie up in the soil.