Dan Nelsen - Moorefield, NE

Wheat, corn and soybeans Corn: +10-30 bu/acre

Kugler Fertility on Wheat

We've been using Kugler 342 C, the chloride program-coltering it on in the fall, half of it, and the other half I top dress with a herbicide in the spring. We put a little XRN on some wheat last year; that was our first year trying it; and we put some fungicide on with it, didn't literally leave a test out there, but it was pretty darn good.

The wheat prices were looking good, and we were applying fungicide. The XRN acts as kind of an adhesive for that fungicide, to stick it to ...

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Gary Belohrad - Leigh, NE

400 acres Corn & Soybeans (Dryland)M

54 bu/acre soybeans 172 bu/acre corn

Great Crops Even With a Rainy Spring

We used Kugler products on corn for the first time this year-and last year was the first time we used in on soybeans. On our corn, we used three gallons of 1515 at planting. We had too much rain in June and you saw a lot of yellow corn in our part ofthe country. And a lot of guys were unhappy with their yields. But our corn stayed green ali year long. I think I had better corn; our average yields was 172. And 54.5 on beans. Great stand...

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Mason Hansen - Cope, CO

Farmer and Kugler Dealer

Working with Kugler Company

I have a great relationship with the company, obviously, being a dealer and a grower and working with their products on both sides. It's kind of a unique situation where I get to see the products in very different aspects than just my own farm. I get to see it in different crops that I don't raise and in different soil types that I don't have.

The majority of our growers are in a dry land situation, I'd say probably 95%. When I went to work at Flagler, the idea was that we would only sell Kugler specialty pr...

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Raymond Schneider - Covert, KS

7S00 acres (dryland)
Corn: 170 bu/acre Milo: 138 bu/acre

Using KQ·XRN

We apply KQ-XRN at about the three-foot stage on corn and, on milo, at about a foot tall. We use It for the extra shot of nitrogen and a sticking agent for other chemicals like Roundup®.

I don't have any side-by-side comparison, but we did have fields that we didn't use it on, and there was noticeably less yield on them. I was pretty sure we were getting some really good results because the yields were definitely up.

A couple years ago we got around 170 bushels per acre on our ...

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