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Kq Emerald LgKQ-XRN with 72% slow release nitrogen is a non-burning, clear nitrogen solution containing a mixture of both controlled and quick release forms of nitrogen. KQ-XRN has proved to be a versatile product in applications where a special source of liquid nitrogen is needed. KQ-XRN nitrogen provides increased nitrogen absorption on agriculture crops including corn, soybeans, milo, dry beans, sugar beets and many other field crops.

KQ-XRN may also be used on turf and ornamentals as your source of nitrogen. One gallon of KQ-XRN contains 2.94 pounds of nitrogen of which 2.117 pounds is in the slow release form. KQ-XRN is compatible with most insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides. KQ-XRN may be used in custom fertilizer blends containing other forms of nitrogen, phosphates, potassium and micronutrients. Use caution when mixing KQ-XRN with phosphate, sulfur, humic acid and products containing glyphosate, a chemical foaming reaction may occur. Kugler recommends always performing a jar test when mixing KQ-XRN with any pesticides and any fertilizers. It is impossible to eliminate all the risk involved with application of this product. Use adequate volume for good coverage. Protect product from freezing.

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4 applications are recommended. KQXRN Table