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Consumer Products

KQ Emerald

Kq Emerald LgKQ EMERALD is designed to be used for the correction and or prevention of Iron Chlorosis (yellowing) in lawns and turf grasses, trees, and vegetables. KQ EMERALD contains freely soluble micronutrients which are immediately available to the plant. It is taken up both by the plant leaves and root system. KQ EMERALD mixes readily with liquid fertilizer, insecticides, ...

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Kq Emerald LgKQ-XRN with 72% slow release nitrogen is a non-burning, clear nitrogen solution containing a mixture of both controlled and quick release forms of nitrogen. KQ-XRN has proved to be a versatile product in applications where a special source of liquid nitrogen is needed. KQ-XRN nitrogen provides increased nitrogen absorption on agriculture crops including corn, soybeans, milo, dry beans, sugar beets ...

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Regen LgReGEN allows water to spread out penetrate the soil aiding in plant cover resulting in less water needing to be applied. ReGEN also aids in the recovery of turf from the stress of summer heat, diseases and dog spotting. ReGEN can be used after a dry winter to aide in early spring water penetration for faster turf recovery.

Applying ReGEN with proper watering and...

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KH2412 LgKH 2412 contains humic acids that act as complexing agents in the soil. KH2412 may increase nutrient uptake. KH 2412 can be applied to all crops, turf or any soil type. KH 2412 is compatible with most fertilizer and pesticide solutions. However, always jar test before tank mixing.

Precautionary Statements: Keep out of reach of children. Do not get in eyes, on skin or on clothing. Wear goggles, fac...

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